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Task Highlights: GBRAR members donated more than $37,000.00 during 2020. The GBRAR partnered with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, which provides guidance and necessary documentation on organizations providing services to the community through housing and economic development. Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge, Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance, Life of a Single Mom, Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge, and Volunteers of America are the organizations who received funding from GBRAR. Many members also volunteered to work several days a year on Rebuilding Together Baton Rouge projects that provide home repair services to allow elderly or disabled low-income homeowners to stay in their homes longer. They focus on helping those most vulnerable to the rising cost of living and falling social service budgets. RTBR believes in revitalizing communities and preserving affordable homes by providing free home repairs, improvements, and senior living modifications. They aim to make homes safer, more accessible, and more energy efficient.
RISK MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: ONE YEAR TERM — Meets monthly or as needed Chair: Donna Wolff | Vice Chair: Michelle Guidry
Purpose: Works closely with the legal community to keep members informed of current legal practices in the real estate market. Recommends risk reduction practices to the Association. Also, responsible for reviewing and evaluating all Association documents e.g. purchase, listing agreements, property condition disclosure, etc. REALTOR® Members Only
Task Highlights: During the 2020 year, the Committee has focused on revamping the listing and marketing agreement, updating it to comply with the rules outlined in the MLS Rules and regulations, and ensuring greater clarity and protection for both members and the sellers they represent.
Chair: Debbie Hanna | Vice Chair: K.C. Ross
Purpose: The committee overseeing the operation and policymaking of the GBRAR Multiple Listing Service. The committee is made up of nine members, with the majority being MLS Participants (Brokers). No more than three (3) may concurrently serve on the Board of Directors, and no more than two (2) may serve from the same firm. Subscribers (agents) must receive written permission from their Participant to serve. REALTOR® Members Only
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