Page 13 - GBRAR Annual Report 2020
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GBRAR has three certified Professional Standards Administrators on staff and provides Professional Standards services for nearly one-third of all REALTORS® in the state of Louisiana. In addition to providing services to our own members, GBRAR provides professional standards services to the members of the Bayou Board of REALTORS®, Greater Central Louisiana REALTORS® Association, and the Northshore Area Board of REALTORS®.
From January 1st through September 18th, GBRAR distributed 31 Ethics Complaint Packets. Of those 10 proceeded to a hearing and three cases were handled through Ombuds.
  Important facts regarding Mediation and Arbitration
Arbitration cases filed this year increased from the previous year with a total of six. The Griev- ance Committee dismissed one arbitration request as not arbitrable. Two requests were resolved through mediation with the rest being forwarded the Professional Standards Com- mittee for hearings by the Grievance Committee. With one hearing completed, two are pend- ing hearings. GBRAR repeatedly has an exceedingly high success rate of resolving monetary disputes through mediation. This year we have a 67% success rate to-date.

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