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Dear GBRAR Members,
2020 has been a whirlwind year. We have worked through a global pandemic, hurricanes, and more. This year my main focus was to think ahead to what our industry will look like in the future and work on ways to position our Association in the best place moving forward.
My goal was to be present and listen; it’s about bringing our industry together to solve issues that affect our members today and issues that will affect our members in the future. There are many ways that we are trying to accomplish these goals, which include things like: Provide a new level of ease and transparency by encouraging members to reach out directly to myself or a board member with any questions or issues; Reinventing new member orientation with the hopes of helping new members have a strong and knowledgeable foundation to start their career in real estate; Collaborating with other associations in our state to explore sharing MLS data, with the goal to create a joint MLS. We have passionate, hard-working members in every area working hard to provide value to our Association. I encourage you to get involved; it benefits all of us.
Another goal that I had as your GBRAR President was to provide education to members on the importance of the Louisiana Political Action Committee. We did this by hosting events with speakers like Leigh Brown to explain why getting involved is impactful to our industry. We also held an event at Tiger Stadium and Alex Box to thank those who are currently involved with the PAC. I am proud to say that, for the first time in many years, GBRAR has surpassed both the participation and dollar goals that were set for us by the National Association of Realtors. This was accomplished with the leadership of our CEO, Ken Damann, our PAC chair, our Governmental Relations Committee members, and our amazing staff. I am very pleased to announce that we are one of only nine large associations in the United States to reach both goals by mid-September. I hope that the knowledge and understanding of the PAC will continue to be spread amongst members and that involvement will be the new normal in our Association.
As we transition to a new leader, know that our Association is in good hands with Scott Saporito as your 2021 President, and Carolyn Webber as President-Elect. It will be exciting to see how GBRAR continues to move forward and adapt to the ever-changing world of Real Estate. I would like to thank all the volunteer REALTORS® who spent hours working behind-the-scenes to make the Association better for all of us.
Chelsea Meng
Chelsea Meng
2020 GBRAR President
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