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Dear GBRAR Members,
On January 13th of this year, the LSU Tigers team capped off a perfect undefeated football season and claimed their 4th national championship. For those of us that have watched the Tigers play, this was a special season -- not just because of the title win, but because of the way this team modeled a “standard of performance” that can serve as a blueprint for excellence.
While watching that title game, no one imagined the changes that we would all face in the months to come, but there are several takeaways from watching the 2019 LSU Tigers – a team that many commentators declared to be among the greatest college football teams of all time:
It takes time and effort for growth
The players coaches and staff did not show up a championship team, they had to grow up to a championship team. The off- season workouts, the summer of 10,000 catches, the scouting for talent and hiring of the right coaches all had to grow together to become champions. The same is true for our Association. The groundwork we began laying in 2018 to focus on advocacy and bring in the talent necessary to help us communicate it resulted in a record 2020 for GBRAR. By late Spring, we had hit our PAC participation goals. By September, we had hit our dollar goal and we exceeded our goal for Major Investors, qualifying GBRAR to be recognized by NAR as recipients of the President’s Cup and Triple Crown awards. In addition, during this election season GBRAR had a record number of members seeking local elected office.
You have to be decisive
Quarterback, Joe Burrow, was universally praised for his ability to make good decisions under duress. That same spirit has carried over to our Board of Directors and committees throughout this year. Making hard decisions and carrying out their responsibilities through the unprecedented shut down of the stay-at-home order, continuing to support our members through a stay-at-home order as real estate was deemed an “essential” service, and facing even more decisions about transitioning through the multiple phases and changing guidelines.
You have to make in-game adjustments
If there was one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that you have to be able to make in-game adjustments. When large gatherings of people were shut down, preventing the Association from offering its live courses, the Pro-Development team shifted and ‘took what the defense gave them’ offering a large number of online courses to help our members expand their professional development in a virtual environment.
It takes a team
A championship team requires everyone playing their role and doing their part. This is also true for member-driven organizations like GBRAR. This year the Leadership team added depth to the bench by including a new position of First Vice- President which will be included in the line of succession to President. After implementing criteria for election to the Board of Directors, tweaks to those requirements were made for 2020 making it more inclusive. Committee Chairs and Vice-chairs and committee members all persevered and adapted to continue the vital work of the association in a virtual manner.
Ken Damann
Ken Damann
     GBRAR Executive Director

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