Page 9 - GBRAR Annual Report 2020
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GOVERNMENT RELATIONS COMMITTEE: ONE YEAR TERM — Meets Monthly Chair: Jeffery Welsh | Vice Chair: Kyle Jackson
Purpose: The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for monitoring activities of local City Council’s, Planning Commission’s, and other governmental entities which could impact real estate and private property rights, and keep the membership informed of the Association’s position on same. Establish rapport with council members, state and federal legislators and work with Homeowner Associations. Responsible for making policy recommendations to the Board of Directors. Responsible for encouraging participation in political activities, including contributing to LARPAC. Inform and educate the membership on legislative issues before they are called upon to vote, or lobby legislators. REALTOR® Members Only
Members of the Governmental Relations Committee who are LARPAC contributors also serve as members of GBRPAT. The PAT or “Political Action Team” works to raise PAC funds, interview candidates, and make decisions regarding allocations of PAC funds for candidates in local area races.
Task Highlights: After a multi-year effort to create enhanced emphasis on Advocacy and PAC Fundraising, the GBRAR’s Governmental Relations Committee and Political Action Team (PAT) were able to “flip” our fundraising calendar. We hit our PAC Participation goals by Easter and our dollar goals by early September, qualifying GBRAR for recognition by NAR as recipients of the PAC Triple Crown and President’s Cup awards for 2020 – one of only 9 Large Associations to hit those levels at that point in the year. As an election year in East Baton Rouge Parish, the committee also interviewed several candidates and also has a record number of REALTOR® members running for office! The committee was also successful in defeating ordinances in Livingston Parish that threatened to send REALTOR® members to jail for failing to disclose the presence of hidden underground pump-grinders and continued to monitor proposed ordinances from local governments across our service area.
COMMUNITY RELATIONS COMMITTEE: ONE YEAR TERM — Meets Monthly or As Needed Chair: Jennifer Hebert | Vice Chair: Helen Butts Field
Purpose: Increase awareness among the public and the real estate profession of the value of REALTORS; internally enhance communications with members. Responsible for working closely with the B.R. Area Foundation to determine which community organizations and programs to fund (specifically economic development, housing, and public education) with voluntary community service contributions. REALTOR® Members Only

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