Page 7 - Kubota Pre-Season Catalogue 2021 - Kubota Implements & Great Plains
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KUBOTA.COM.AU                    DSX (EXTRA LARGE)  with central hydraulic drive.  DSX-W GEOSPREAD models come standard   very even spreading pattern.  operating with high disc speeds to ensure a   agitator system, the DSX is capable of   input shafts. Combined with ‘slow rotating’   Driving speed stays constant with dual PTO   with up to 4,575L capacity.  Capable of a maximum 54m spreading width   DSX (EXTRA LARGE)  DSM (MEDIUM)  TrimFlow border spreading system.

      DISC SPREADERS  |  IMPLEMENTS  27  26                            application per section.  UP TO 60 MONTHS *  FINANCE   PA  %  ACROSS THE IMPLEMENTS RANGE  1.9  With MULTIRATE the DSX-W GEOSPREAD can do high speed spreading in combination with variable rate   DSX-W GEOSPREAD  R E S U LT S  E V EN  B E T T ER   E V E N  S PRE A D ,     SPREADERS  DISC
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