Page 10 - Boarding Handbook 2019-2020
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L   Hillstow House is home to up to 45 girls aged 14–18 from Upper 4 to Upper Sixth,
L   accommodated in a combination of single, double or triple dorms, with three resident
S   staff. There’s a fully-equipped kitchen, two large common rooms, games room and
O computer room.

H   Year groups are mixed throughout the House, allowing senior girls to support younger
O   ones and helping girls make a wide range of friends across the School.

U   Who’s Who in Hillstow

    Mme Cecile Preston, Housemistress

    As Housemistress I would like to extend my warmest welcome to Hillstow House. I have

    been Housemistress of Hillstow since 2006 and live in the House with my husband,

    Steve, and my two children, Safiya and Kayden. As well as being Housemistress, I teach

    French so I will be able to help you with your French homework if you need it. I was born

    and grew up in France. I studied in France and the USA and later finished my studies in

    Oxford where I decided to settle.

    In Hillstow, we endeavour to create a family environment and make Hillstow your
    second home. Our aim is to give everyone the support and encouragement they need
    to reach their goals and aspirations. The girls in Hillstow are always very welcoming and
    can’t wait to meet you.

    Miss Emma Horne, Assistant Housemistress
    Hello and welcome. I moved into Hillstow last February with my partner and daughter,
    Eira, who will be three in October. I am expecting my second child this summer and Miss
    Victoria Alford will be covering my role during maternity leave.

    In addition to being Assistant House Mistress of Hillstow I am a Biology teacher and
    am happy to help during prep time with any Biology or general science question you
    may have. I also enjoy sport and being creative so I look forward to you joining me for a
    weekend run or making something crafty in house.

    Mrs Gail Hedger, Day Matron
    I have been working in Hillstow since 2010 and I am the Day Matron.

    I am married with two sons and spend most of my free time away from the boarding
    house as a taxi driver and a cheerleader for my boys in their busy sporting activities!

    I love being involved in the boarding life at Headington and I am looking forward to
    meeting you all in September.

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