Page 5 - Aftercare Orientation Manual
P. 5

General Session Structure
The session structure of aftercare is similar to that of your previous group. The bill of rights, group rules and expectations, and attendance policies from your previous group still apply.
Before Session
o Please complete your diary card before the start of session.
o Please be prepared with a topic for the teaching that feels relevant to your week. o If you are going to be absent from session or are running late, call your therapist
to inform them.
Diary Card (First 10 minutes)
o The aftercare diary card is a bit different than your previous group’s diary card. Your therapist will help you through the process the first few sessions.
o This packet includes an example of a diary card (pages 7 & 8) and a description of how to report your diary card (pages 9 & 10).
Teaching (Last 40 minutes)
o The teaching is focused on the topic that you have identified as being important or useful that week.
o Teaching can include discussion, role-play, skills problem-solving, and other activities as they relate to the specific topic.
o It is an expectation that you will actively participate in the teaching, making it a collaborative process between you and the therapist.

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