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                                               Cold Move Supporting Great Brands Throughout Ireland
Multi-User and Pay-As-You-Go Cold & Chilled Storage
Whether our clients are seeking short, medium or long-term storage solutions, Cold Move meet the requirement. At Cold Move we use bespoke warehouse management systems and process across our network of accredited facilities, which give our customers detailed, accurate, timely on-line information of stock locations and associated transactions.
Flexible Primary Transport Solutions
Cold Move is a leading provider of road transport and distribution services across Ireland. Due to the unique nature of our geographic coverage of our facilities and scale, we deliver road transport and haulage solutions from single ad-hoc deliveries to complex multi drop solutions nationwide.
Satellite Cross Dock Centres
Operating  ve full service regional distribution centres, Cold Move provide distribution services to a broad range of Ireland’s leading retailers, manufacturers and brand owners. Our management systems provide visibility of all orders and transport movements, allowing us to provide the most cost effective, ef cient and sustainable transport planning infrastructure.
Collaborative Distribution Solutions
With economies of scale and customer relationships we create a unique opportunity to deliver true collaboration across manufacturer to retailer supply chain. This includes sharing capacity on delivery routes, combining customers to maximise back-haul opportunities and operating a fully integrated distribution process on behalf of multiple customers. The collaborative approach of Cold Move creates a signi cant reduction in overhead and operating costs when benchmarked against dedicated operations, whilst ensuring a  exible and adaptive supply chain.
Retail Delivery Network
Throughout our distribution operation we have joined together several of our retail customers to provide a  exible, networked solution for retail deliveries across Ireland. Sharing delivery lanes and distribution schedules,
Cold Move delivers considerable cost savings and ef ciencies of scale through a collaborative retail delivery solution.
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Cold Move Limited, Glenascaul Industrial Park, Oranmore, Co. Galway, Ireland.

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