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  samskip bene ts from integrated strategy
 As the only ship operator offering scheduled services connecting four Irish ports with mainland Europe, Samskip’s unrivalled ability to serve distinct regional markets in Ireland mean its volumes offer a barometer for wider economic trends. In the early part of 2015, the carrier reports all four scheduled calls – Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Waterford – are making a full contribution to a discernible upturn in unitised volumes.
“It is still early days, but 2014 saw the  rst real signs of growth in the overall market for some time, and the  rst quarter of 2015 con rms that the trend is continuing,” says Richard Archer, General Manager, Samskip Ireland.
Export volumes increased across the dairy and wider agricultural products sectors in 2014, along with medical products and baby food shipments. Inbound volumes are being stimulated by growth in imports from Central Europe as well as general upturn in the regular European markets, according to Archer.
The 800 teu capacity Samskip Express and Samskip Endeavour offer direct shortsea connection to Samskip’s homeport of Rotterdam. Archer says Samskip’s commitment to new reefers has put the company in a strong position to accommodate growth in both dairy and pharmaceutical exports, while continuing investments in higher capacity 45ft containers are extending Ireland’s business opportunities in more distant markets.
“The recovery of the building trade has also been re ected by a steady increase in the movement of bricks, timber and steel over recent months, handled using the specialised ‘ atrack’ container equipment within the Samskip  eet,” Archer adds.
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