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Professor Brian Fynes FCILT in his address gave a very insightful and entertaining address about the essence of supply chain management; recognising that we are in the run up to Christmas. Having set out the principles involved he captured the attention and imagination of everybody by outlining his young son’s views on supply chain management. The son advised and confirms that the best supply chain management system is operated by SC, who never fails and on Christmas day ensures that that the correct parcel is delivered overnight, on time to all recipients on a worldwide basis.
The formal presentation of certificates then took place. The Graduates were presented with their Diploma Certificates by Professor Brian Fynes FCILT and CILT Chartered Membership Certificates by the President, Paddy Doherty FCILT. The final part of the presentation was the awarding of gold medals to those who achieved first place in their respective years, these being:
Scott Crowley– joint winner of Best Diploma Student 2013-2014 receiving his presentation from Mr Paddy Doherty, President, FCILT
      Jillian Conlon – Best Diploma Student 2014-2015
Paul Birney – Best Advanced Certificate Student 2013-2014
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