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Tags and Swipes, Spring 2021

               With Our Gratitude…

       Region 1 would like to thank Patti Lavernoich for
       her 8 years of service on the RMT as the Events
       Coordinator. Prior to joining the RMT, Patti served
       as our registrar for 7 years. Patti always ensured
       that our events were planned well, financially
       affordable for our members, ran smoothly and that
       everyone involved was comfortable and had what
       they needed to make the event successful. Her
       dedication to serving the members is extraordinary.
       Patti will be continuing in service to the Region as
       the Chair of the Regional Convention. Patti's
       experience and her care for our members made her
       a valuable member of the Team. We wish Patti the
       best - and send a huge thank you her way.

                                                             Welcome Aboard…

                                                 Region 1 welcomes Christine Bulgini to the RMT as
                                                 the Events Coordinator for the May 1 2021 - April 31
                                                 2023 term. Christine joined Sweet Adelines in 1999 as
                                                 a member of Yankeemaids Chorus, now known as
                                                 HOTS (Harmony on the Sound).           Her music
                                                 background includes musical theater and training in
                                                 classical singing. When first introduced to barbershop,
                                                 she started singing lead, but almost immediately
                                                 switched to tenor, because singing harmonies is so
                                                 much more fun! Her first quartet was Dame Yankees,
                                                 and later did a short stint with Mod Quad, Tonal
                                                 Vision, and now sings tenor with Saffron. Originally
                                                 from Connecticut, Christine moved to Vermont in 2016
                                                 and became Chapter-at-large. Outside of Sweet
                                                 Adelines, Christine is the Executive Coordinator of
                                                 Mountain Operations at Killington/Pico Ski Resort. In
                                                 addition to singing, she loves the outdoors, skiing,
                                                 hiking and dabbles in the ukulele.


                                 North Atlantic Region 1 Sweet Adelines
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