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Tags and Swipes, Spring 2021

          Our Zoom music education classes continue to grow stronger. We are improving our skills on interval
          work, we are becoming masters at identifying wrong notes played in a sequence and are improving our
          rhythms and tonality. A really fun project we are working on now is recording our parts as we sing
          along to the tag “You’ve Gotta Have Heart” with Jen Cooke. Our team compiles the recordings and
          we become our own sound judges and discuss the good stuff and the areas for improvement. Wendy
          Pachter works extremely hard every week to come up with interesting and engaging lessons for us. She
          has been a positive force for our chorus and continues to strive to increase our level of musical
                                         We have been able to do a lot of visual work during our classes.
                                         Once we saw a presentation on different styles of dance. We
                                         talked about how the different dances used specific parts of their
                                         bodies – legs/ feet, middle / upper, and whole body. Donna
                                         Doherty has also come up with some fantastic visual
                                         demonstrations to teach us. We watched “Never Enough” from
                                         The Greatest Showman and talked about the tension in the
                                         performance and how everything is intentional – from movements
                                         to the breaths that are taken. More recently, we had a presentation
                                         on the Visual Communication category and used the example of
                                         “This is Me”, also from The Greatest Showman, to see how
                                         important it is to have context that brings our songs to life.

        “Member Spotlight” continues, run by Janice Mottolo. We are enjoying the opportunity to learn more
        about our members! Recently we have learned about one member’s favorite things - Paris, reading,
        yoga, singing and gardening. Another showed us her unique light bulb collection! We also learned
        about grand adventures of hiking the 46 Adirondack high peaks with another’s family.

        We are all enjoying the extras provided by Region 1. They are
        going above and beyond with their educational and outreach
        program.  Laura Murray created a fantastic video montage for
        “Winter 1-derland” regional weekend in January.    It was a
        compilation of songs we did at our last major performance back in
        2019. Many of us attended the Paving the Path from Pandemic to
        Performance that was offered in February. In that class, we did a
        very helpful activity of breaking into small groups and discussing
        the 3 positives of Zoom rehearsals, the 3 negatives, and 3 things
        that are here to stay. We replicated that activity in our own chorus
        zoom rehearsal and it was so fascinating to get the perspective from
        all our members. We are about 22-24 members every week on our
        Zoom Music school rehearsals and growing!


                                 North Atlantic Region 1 Sweet Adelines
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