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March 2021 Adar 5781
Dear Friends,
The Raritan Valley Orthodox Jewish Community Association “The ROC of New Jersey”
The ROC of New Jersey is proud to present this e-pamphlet ”When Erev Pesach Falls On Shabbos 5781” written by renowned Rabbi and Posek, Rabbi Reuven Drucker of Congregation Agudath Israel of Edison-Highland Park. Rabbi Drucker has graciously gifted this year’s iteration of the pamphlet to The ROC of New Jersey to express his support of our new organization, and our mission.
We are very appreciative of his generosity and hope that you will find this pamphlet informative as you go about your Pesach preparations on the rare occasion of Erev Pesach falling out on Shabbos. How rare you ask? The last time this occurred was thirteen years ago, the next time is in four years in 2025, and the next time after that twenty years later in 2045.
The ROC of New Jersey was established in September 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, a Century since the last pandemic of this magnitude hit the United States. Hopefully, with G-d’s help, this rare occasion never repeats itself again.
The mission of The ROC of New Jersey is to introduce and promote the affordability and amenities of Raritan Valley to families looking to relocate to an established centrally located Jewish region of New Jersey, represent our needs to the broader community, unite our diverse population through community centered events, and provide assistance and support to individuals, families, businesses and institutions located in the communities of East Brunswick, Edison and Highland Park.
In less than six months we have assisted more than 50 individuals with our Employment Assistance Initiative providing those searching for employment with resume, career, interview and LinkedIn networking coaching, as well as partnering them with a mentor in their field and hosting a Job Board on our website with new jobs added daily. We helped our local small businesses with a Shop Local campaign, hosted a Covid-19 vaccination education program via Zoom with 350 participants, and have interceded on behalf of individuals facing bureaucratic issues such as having to work up until candle lighting on Erev Shabbos, not being able to access their unemployment funds, delays in receiving their passports, and difficulty in registering for a Covid-19 vaccine.
We are just getting started with many more new and exciting initiatives being rolled out in the weeks and months ahead. The ROC is OUR community. We all want our community to grow and prosper. We would like your partnership and support in making our goals a reality.
For more information about The ROC of New Jersey, please go to
Best wishes to you and your family for a Chag Kosher V’sameach. Please stay healthy and have an enjoyable Yom Tov. Thank you.
Josh Pruzansky
Founder, President and CEO
The Raritan Valley Orthodox Jewish Community Association | PO Box 4622, Highland Park, NJ 08904 | Tel 732-844-9565 Email | Website | Facebook @TheROCNJ | Non-Profit ID # 85-2112383

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