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PASSIVE INCOME FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLES                                                                                2024 Grand Teton Music Festival

        We specialize in the management of tax-exempt municipal bonds, corporate bonds, US Treasury securities,

        preferred stock, and high-dividend common stock, all with the goal of producing tax-efficient passive
        income for our clients.

        Coordination counts.                  Low fees keep more of our            We act as fiduciaries.
        Coordinating tax planning and         clients’ money in their pockets.     As a registered investment advisor,
        financial planning with portfolio     Our annual investment advisory fee   we act and provide investment advice
        management contributes to             is a modest 0.36% (36 basis points),   in the best interest of our clients.
        financial success. Holistic
                                              less than most investment advisors.
        coordination is an important                                               Uniquely qualified.
                                              Client accounts are held at Charles
        part of our recommendations
                                              Schwab and Fidelity Investments,     Locally based.
        and decisions.
                                              both known for their low costs and
                                              easy-to-use client websites.

                          David N. Elan, CFA, CFP®                                Elizabeth W. Millet
                          Managing Member & Portfolio Manager                     Portfolio Manager

                                                                                                                                        June 27-August 17

                                                                                                                                        Music Director Sir Donald Runnicles

                                                                                                                                        Jackson Hole, Wyoming
                                                                                                                            season 63
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