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This spring, we broke ground on a transformative project at the Marian C. Krutulis PK-8 Campus: the Center for Student Life.
This 60,000 square foot facility will be at the heart of student life and learning. It will house a gymnasium, a performing arts and assembly space, a dining hall and meeting space, flexible labs, next generation classrooms, and more.
Thanks to the generosity of a lead anonymous donor, we were able to break ground on this impactful facility. This gift, the largest in the school’s history, is just one of the many that made this facility possible.
The Center for Student Life is the first significant new building to be constructed as part of our school’s recently completed master plan, and is part of our long-term plan to consolidate all of our academic campuses into two campuses.
  2020 - 21 Report of Appreciation
 “I am extremely grateful to our Board of Trustees and for the generosity of our donors whose financial support has enabled this project. Gulliver’s future has never been brighter.”
- Vincent Signorello P ‘21, Board Chair

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