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 Beethoven Brown
Lisa Judy
Robert Madorsky
Thomas Thornton and Maite Garrido Thornton Mr. C Hotel Coconut Grove
James and Miriam Duncan
Matt and Cristina Sullivan Vix Paula Hermanny
W Hotel South Beach Adrian and Natalia Walchli Rene and Yamile Alvarez
 Ryan and Stephanie Burke
Eduardo Costa and Lia Porcella de Costa Scott and Kelly Davidson
Ricardo Diaz and Vivian De las Cuevas-Diaz Dula-Kobusch Charitable Trust
Marc and Patricia Epstein
Tom and Allison Garfinkel
Gunther and Adriana Grineberg
Joe and Lucy Hassan
Jane Hawkanson
Nancy Hector
Pablo Jimenez and Jackie Mansfield
JT International USA, Inc.
Richard and Maura Kobusch
Mike and Sophie Komaransky
Robert Korn and Chary Rico-Toro Korn
Merle Kravetz
Marchant and Linda Kuys
Brad and Suzanne Meltzer
David and Ann Olazabal
Zeinab and Olukayode Ramos
Fabio Ribeiro
Mario and Betsy Ribera
Scott Sharp and Kara Stearns Sharp
Vincent and Shannon Signorello
Michalis Stavrinides and Alejandra Fernandez
Matt and Cristina Sullivan
The Jorge M. PĂ©rez Family Foundation
The Marc and Patricia Epstein Family Fund Thomas Thornton and Maite Garrido Thornton Eric and Jocelyn Woolworth
2020 - 21 Report of Appreciation
We extend our sincerest thanks to our lead supporters for their belief in our bold vision. Your support continues to fuel our aspirations.

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