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Volume 17, Number 6                                                  Published in the interest of the National Training Center and Fort Irwin community •   June  2021
          No masks needed: NTC Command-                                                                                                    Inside

          ing General talks new General Order,                                                                                       Army’s Birthday

          more possible openings in June                                                                                           246 years old and still rolling
                                                                                                                                   along: How NTC is celebrating
                   By Janell J. Lewis Ford                                           “Never Forget:” Leaders remember              the Army’s Birthday
                                                                                                                                              See full story, Page 9
              NTC/Fort Irwin Garrison public A airs                                  fallen heroes on Memorial Day
            FORT IRWIN, Calif. — Brig. Gen. Cutis
          Taylor, Commanding General of the National                                          Courtesy of NTC Public A airs
          Training Center and Fort Irwin published his
          updated Yellow Hash policy on COVID-19                                       FORT IRWIN, Calif. — To recognize and honor
          changes on June 2, announcing changes in                                   all of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in
          international travel, gym access and capacity                              service to this great nation, the National Training
          limits on gatherings, and hinting at lowering                              Center and Fort Irwin community held its annual   Hero Awarded
                                                                                     Memorial Day Commemoration as dozens of specta-
          the health protection level.                                               tors watched in person and on Facebook live.
            “I’m happy to report that we have the lowest                                                                           Soldier’s heroic acts earn him
          case count that we have seen since the start of   • International Travel requires approval of   The traditional commemoration began with an   honors, award.  See full story, Page 4
          this pandemic,” Taylor said.         the CG, NTC.  Unvaccinated service members  invocation, remarks by NTC’s Commanding Gen-
                                                                                     eral, Brig. Gen. Curtis D. Taylor, patriotic music,
            In his May 14 Yellow Hash General Order,   returning from international leave or arriving   and a gun salute.               Hero Medics
          Taylor indicated that masks are no longer   from OCONUS PCS must observe 7 days of   “This day, first observed after the Civil  War,   Fort Irwin medics come to the
          required to be worn by fully-vaccinated De-  quarantine and receive a PCR test.  was originally known as Decoration Day and was   rescue during cross-country
          partment of Defense personnel while indoors   • The Box Gym, Freedom Gym, and Memo-  intended to unify a divided country,” Taylor said.    ight.
          or outdoors.                         rial Fitness Center are open to all authorized   “When many of us were kids, Memorial Day was   See full story, Page 3
             e June 3 community live update was the  users, including contractor employees, during   a time to remember history and those who made   Gym Reopens
          Command Teams’  rst Facebook Live event  operating hours.  Masks are required at these   it.  Today, Memorial Day is much more real.  After   New  tness facility opens in
          without the use of masks, per the new order.  facilities for all unvaccinated personnel.  nearly 20 years of continuous armed conflict, we no   time to get that summer body.
             is latest order also states:         • All limits on the number of authorized   longer have the luxury of remembering only those   See full story, Page 6
                                                                      See COVID, Page 4  who died long ago.  Today, those heroes include our   New Dental Clinic
          Fort Irwin hosts annual Best Warrior Competition                           friends, our battle buddies, and men and women   Smile wide: New DENTAC
                                                                                                             See MEMORIAL DAY, Page 4  facility opens.
                       By Abe Dawoud                                                                                                          See full story, Page 11
                                                                                     The National Training Center
                     Fort Irwin Public A airs                                                                                             All Done
            FORT IRWIN, Calif. —  e winners of Fort Ir-                              and Fort Irwin grants wish for               Caps o  to the graduating
          win’s Soldier and Non-Commissioned O cer of the                            8-year-old boy                               Class of 2021: Photos from the
                                                                                                                                  graduation and parade.
          Year competition were announced on the NTC Fort
          Irwin Facebook page livestream on May 6 during the                          By Janell J. Lewis Ford                                  See full story, Page 2
          annual Best Warrior Competition Award Ceremony.                             NTC/Fort Irwin Garrison
                                                                                          Public A airs
                                                                   See WARRIOR, Page 11
                                                                                       FORT IRWIN, Calif.
          Achievements, anti Asian American                                          — The  National Train-
                                                                                     ing Center and Fort Irwin
          crimes are focus of AAPI observance                                        made a wish come true for
                                                                                     eight-year-old Carson Gardner, as a part of a Make-A-
                            By Janell J. Lewis Ford                                  Wish® event on May 24.
                                                                                       Carson has a progressive condition called Duchenne’s
                       NTC/Fort Irwin Garrison Public A airs
                                                                                     Muscular Dystrophy for which there’s no known cure, and
            FORT IRWIN, Calif. —  e National Training Center and Fort                wanted to be a soldier for a day—  shadowing an Army
          Irwin observed Asian American and Pacific Islander month on May 26         leader, conducting drills and riding in a military tank.  Remembering Rambo
          with a theme of, “Advancing leaders through purpose-driven service.”         “Carson loves everything to do with the Army,” Make   The Fort Irwin community
                                                                                                                                  remembers Military Working
            Each May, the Department of Defense pays tribute to the genera-          a Wish representative, Melissa Gallager, said. “Fort Irwin   Dog, Rambo.
          tions of Asian American and Pacific Islanders who have enriched the  David Dupree, Fort Irwin Public Affairs  knocked it out of the park for Carson’s wish. Carson never
                                                                                                                                               See full story, Page 5
                                                                   See HERITAGE, Page 5                             See WISH, Page 5

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