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 Scaled 281 Proteus
 Rutan Long-EZ
NASA photograph
The Proteus is a unique aircraft designed as a high-altitude, long-duration telecommunications relay platform, with potential for use on atmospheric sampling and Earth monitoring science missions as well. It was designed by Burt Rutan, president of Scaled Composites, and built during 1997-98 at the firm’s development facility in Mojave, Calif.
Courtsy photograph
Updated by Howard Aero as the Howard 250, the conversion was to prove popular with about 22 aircraft modified in the early 1960s in San Antonio, Texas. Lockheed began to develop a larger and updated version of the Model 14 Super Electra in 1939 after the earlier design did not prove a commercial success.
Golden Age Flight Museum
The AN-2 airplane, a firstling of the O.K. Antonov Design Bureau, got off the ground on Aug. 31, 1947. The first flight was made by test pilot Pavel Volodin. Owing to high flight performance, structural reliability and wide transport capabilities, the AN-2 airplane has become an indispensable worker on regional airlines and in agriculture.
NOAA photograph
Designed by Burt Rutan in the late 1970s, this aircraft is definitely some- thing you need to see.
Golden Age Flight Museum
The Vultee Aircraft Corp. BT-13 “Valiant” was a single-engine, tan- dem-seat trainer produced for the U.S. Army Air Corps, U.S. Navy and foreign allies prior to and during World War II. The aircraft was selected and produced as a primary and follow-on intermediary trainer due to its ruggedness, forgiving flight characteristics and stability. Most of the pilots produced in the early years of World War II conducted initial training, or Basic Training, hence the BT name, on the BT-13.
Convair, previously Consolidated Vultee, was formed in 1943 with the merger of Consolidated Aircraft and Vultee Aircraft.
Golden Age Flight Museum
In 1938, while most military pilots were still receiving their initial train- ing in biplanes, Fairchild Aircraft recognized the need for a new design more closely approximating the more advanced types of aircraft the train- ees would soon be flying. The result was the development of one of the most innovative and effective primary training planes ever designed, the Fairchild Primary Trainer.
 Convair BT-13A
Howard 250
  Antonov AN-2
 Fairchild PT-23
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