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As hunters, we invest a lot of time, money
                       and energy to put ourselves in a position
                      for success. HEVI-Shot was founded by
                     passionate hunters with an unquenchable
                      desire for better performance to achieve
                       that edge. And, in that moment of truth
                          when you’ve got a shot and it’s all
                      on the line… having the best performing
                        ammunition makes all the difference.

                        HEVI-Shot is synonymous with high
                     performance. We meticulously design each
                       product to outperform any ammunition
                       competitor in its class. We deliver more
                       lethal pellets on tar
                       lethal pellets on taget, at any yardage,
                      for any game.  So if you normally get 15,
                      20 pellets in a 10-inch circle, we’re going
                                     to give you 30!

                         Everyone has a HEVI-Shot story. It
                       always describes an incredibly difficult
                       shot – long yardage, high winds, a triple
                        – something cl
                        – something early out of the ordinary
                      that HEVI-Shot   products made possible.
                       That’s why HEVI-Shot is the choice of
                            ammunition for serious hunters

                       *F.C.C. Inc. does not cover damage to products that have been
                    improperly handled, improperly stored, misused, abused, damaged by
                            water, or damaged in any other way. *F.C.C. Inc.
                          does not cover damages from the shooters failure to
                          follow instructions for the safe use of the ammunition,
                            found on our boxes. For more information please
                              g go to our website at

                                © 2021 F.C.C. Inc., Makers of HEVI-Shot ®
                                 P.O. Box 779, Sweet Home OR 97386
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