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                                                 20 Years ago the original HEVI-Shot
                                                changed waterfowl ammunition.  Now
                                                that same performance is available in a
                                                     25 count box named HEVI-XII
                                              The founders of HEVI-Shot are like you.
                                                 They work hard and do not settle for
                                                   second best.  When the federal
                                                   second best.  When the
                                                 government banned the use of lead
                                                  over our wetlands, many hunters
                                                stopped pursuing waterfowl because
                                                  of the poor performance of steel.

                                              So they set out to make something better
                                                   than steel but ended up making
                                                     something better than lead!
                                                     something better than lead!
                                                 The keys to a superior projectile are:
                                                          HIGHER DENSITY
                                                             LESS DRAG
                                                          NO CORROSION


                                                   HEVI-Shot and HEVI-XII have
                                                  all those advantages.  Our superior
                                                density allows you to drop 3 shot sizes
                                                density allows
                                               from what you would use with steel shot
                                                  giving you more pellets on target.

                                                 Better Performance.

                                                    Better Memories.
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