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        The purpose of this booklet is to provide a complete description of the program of studies offered by
        the Black Horse Pike Regional School District.  The Program of Studies booklet focuses on your entire
        four years of high school.

        The list of subject offerings in the Black Horse Pike Regional School District is designed to give you an
        opportunity  to  design  an  individual  program  which  takes  into  consideration  your  specific  interests,
        abilities, needs and future goals.

        As you progress through high school, you will have the responsibility of building your pattern of studies
        around a core of required subjects.  To help you make your choice effectively, the director of school
        counseling and your counselor, as well as your teachers, are willing to assist you in making these
        decisions. When you have familiarized yourself with the information contained in the following pages,
        discuss  with  your  parents  for  their  approval  those  subjects  that  you  would  like  to  include  in  your
        schedule for next year.

            College Oriented Pattern

            This program is planned for those students who have the ability and the desire to obtain educational
            training  beyond  high  school:    four-year  college,  junior  college,  or  nursing  school.  Seventeen
            Carnegie Units in subjects acceptable to the post high school training institution form the pattern of
            this course.
            Preparing to meet requirements for college should be a long-term project that begins with your first
            year of high school.  The usual minimum of high school units required for college is:
                              English                                                  4
                              World Languages                                          2
                              Mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)            3 (or 4)
                              Science (Laboratory)                                     3
                              Social Studies                                           3
                              Electives from traditional academic subjects             2
                                                                                                  17 (could be 18)
            This is a basic minimum.  However, individual colleges may differ.  Two years of the same language
            usually  must  be  completed  before  the  college  will  grant  any  credit  toward  entrance  and  some
            colleges, including all New Jersey State Colleges, require three years of college prep mathematics
            and two years of lab science.

        Black Horse Pike Regional Program of Studies
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