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           January 2021

           Dear Parents and Students:

           Choosing  the  right  courses  for  a  student  is  a  major

           undertaking.  The  Black  Horse  Pike  Regional  School

           District  community  takes  great  pride  in  the  rigor  and

           breadth of our diverse course offerings. Our schools offer

           over  200  courses,  including  17  Advanced  Placement

           courses. The selection process can be both exciting and
           challenging. It is for that reason that I encourage you to

           apply serious care during this process.

           Read through our  Program of Studies Course Selection

           Booklet carefully, examining the many course descriptions

           and consider what choices might be appropriate for your

           individual  needs,  while  paying  careful  attention  to  your
           post-secondary  aspirations.  Additionally,  be  certain  to

           stimulate conversations with your school counselor, with

           additional input from teachers with whom you have built a

           solid  rapport,  as  well  as  other  professionals  within  the

           learning community. Doing so will enable you to make an

           informed and thoughtful decision.

           The Black Horse Pike Regional School District provides

           every student with an enriching and rewarding experience

           Black Horse Pike Regional Program of Studies
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