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                                                Telephone: (856) 227-4106

                                             Dr. Brian Repici, Superintendent
                                Mr. Matthew Szuchy, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
                                        Mrs. Julie Scully, Assistant Superintendent
                                Mr. Frank Rizzo, Board Secretary/Business Administrator
                                Mr. Anthony Tarsatana, Assistant Business Administrator

                                               DEPARTMENT SUPERVISORS
                                 NAME                           DEPARTMENT                       EXT.
                            Mr. Glenn Smith            Technology Education/Business/Art         2307
                           Mr. Frank Torcasio       Athletics, Phys. Ed, & Music Timber Creek    6007
                           Mr. Michael Berger         Athletics, Phys. Ed, & Music Highland      4007
                            Mr. Keith Williams         Athletics, Phys. Ed, & Music Triton       2007
                           Mrs. Marcie Geyer                 English Language Arts               6305
                            Mrs. Lynne Sireci                       Math                         2301
                          Mrs. Jennifer Gramble     Science & Family and Consumer Science        6300
                             Ms. Gail Shelly            Social Studies/ World Languages          4306
                            Mrs. Erika Silich              Special Education TRITON              2308
                          Mrs. Jessica Caffrey     Special Education/Behavior Analyst TIMBER     6308
                           Mrs. Tanya Harper             Special Education HIGHLAND              4308
                          Mr. Art Alessandroni   Registration, Enrollments and Summer Programs   4032
                          Mrs. Donnetta Beatty            Teaching and Learning/ELL              2302

                                         DIRECTORS OF SCHOOL COUNSELING
                                   NAME                            SCHOOL                        EXT.
                           Mr. Francisco Olaya             Triton Regional High School           2021
                            Ms. Carey Speziali            Highland Regional High School          4036
                            Mrs. Michele Hengel         Timber Creek Regional High School        6053

                                                MISSION STATEMENT

           The mission of the Black Horse Pike Regional School District is to educate a diverse population
           in an atmosphere consistent with the ideals of a free and democratic society.  We are committed
           to an exemplary educational program, based upon the New Jersey Student Learning Standards
           as adopted by the State Board of Education.  It is the expectation of this district that all pupils
           achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards,
           at all levels.  We will continue to improve students’ and teachers’ technological literacy as a
           means of preparing for the future with confidence and creativity.  Our schools will ensure the
           safety and security of all students and strive to provide the best learning environment.  We will
           enhance our students’ growth by providing them with a creative, purposeful, and ethical
           atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing our students an opportunity to achieve academic
           goals, develop good citizenship skills, and make a positive contribution to society.

           Black Horse Pike Regional Program of Studies
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