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           We believe that a public school in a democratic society must educate for diversity in an atmosphere of freedom.  As
           our students grow and develop, we trust that creative and purposeful actions will dominate their lives.  It is our
           belief that their interpretation of the world depends on the kinds of ideas that fill their minds.  If those ideas are
           weak, superficial, and incoherent, our students’ lives will be uninspired, uninteresting, and chaotic.  If the ideas are
           energetic, profound, and rational, their lives will be motivated, enriched and meaningful.

           We believe that when a community asks for education, it is asking for ways to make life intelligible and meaningful.
           It asks that all subjects, no matter how specialized, emanate from a core of purposeful action, which reflects its
           basic convictions.  We adhere to the teaching of New Jersey Student Learning Standards established by the
           Department of Education.  We, therefore, believe that the acquisition of the ability to interact positively with their
           environment will form the basis of our students’ success in their future occupational endeavors as well as their
           physical and social activities.

           It follows that the Black Horse Pike Regional School District educates only if we enable our students to continue
           learning.  Every bit of evidence they can acquire in any area leads them that much closer to what is true, and being
           closer to the truth is ultimately the most satisfying experience.

           We further believe that if we are to survive as a people, we will do so only if we perceive intellectual, scientific, and
           political truths as dynamic concepts to be discovered through inquiry, not as immutable dogma to be transmitted by
           authority.  Thus, we aim to develop skills, attitudes, habits of mind, and the kinds of knowledge and understanding
           that will enable the student to act purposefully within the community.

                                                  VISION STATEMENT:

            The Black Horse Pike Regional School District is a community of lifelong learners nurturing the
                development of critical thinkers and involved citizens prepared to lead fulfilling lives in a
                                                      changing world.

                                          Four key questions guide our work:
                                        · What do we want each student to learn?
                                 · How will we know when each student has learned it?
                        · How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning?
                                   · How will we deepen the learning for each student?

           Student learning is our shared responsibility and the focus of each professional learning team’s work. Teams of
           educators design and administer common learning experiences and assessments, analyze and compare the
           results together, and adjust instructional strategies accordingly. This collaboration upholds our rigorous, coherent
           curriculum; extends student learning; and results in vibrant and effective instruction.

           Students understand the essential learning objectives, expect to be held accountable, and know that we will do
           whatever it takes to help them achieve high standards. Student successes are celebrated daily. As a result,
           students are engaged and invested in learning that is differentiated for their academic, social, physical, and
           emotional needs.

           We are a community of curious learners constantly striving for excellence. In a climate of trust and respect,
           thoughtful change is valued and everyone has the courage to participate in conversations that push us beyond
           what is thought possible.

           Black Horse Pike Regional Program of Studies
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