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college archive, information literacy programs, external
               LINKEDIN TESTIMONIALS                         accreditation preparation and web services
                                                          o   Lead library’s digital initiatives to support teaching, learning
         “Tony  is  one  of  the  brightest,  most           and research including repository development, OJS and E-
         energetic people I know. He is a born               book publishing, digitization, discovery access and mobile
         inventor  and entrepreneur, finding                 learning
         ways to apply technology solutions to            o   Evaluate and implement innovative services to engage users
         a  host  of  business  and  educational             in a culture of continuous improvement using statistical data
         challenges. If he can't find a solution,            and analytics
         he creates one!”                                 o   Serve as college library liaison to faculty, staff and students,
                                                             including support for faculty research and grant writing,
         Dr. Marie Gervais,                                  library orientation, class instruction and academic fluency
         President,                       training
                                                          o   Function as the copyright officer to manage college’s
                                                             copyright clearance and liaise with database vendors to
         “One of his greatest strengths is                   ensure that contract terms and the library needs are met
         working across departments and
         faculties and building strong, diverse         Notable achievements:
         teams… managing to bring out the                         •   Won national and international awards for mobile
         best in everyone he works with.”                             academic integrity project
                                                                  •   Achieved highest circulation of any university
         Colin Eliot                                                  college libraries on the Waterloo campus
         Director of Applied Research, Libraries                  •   Rated highest in satisfaction in recent college
         & Emerging Technologies at Coast                             resident survey
         Mountain College                                         •   Implemented mobile information literacy App with
                                                                      innovative program to train 1,400 plus students

         “Tony is one of those directors who         Head, Digital Initiatives and Electronic Resources,
         also naturally serves as an inspiring       Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta
         mentor to his students.”                    2007 - 2013
                                                          o   Provided leadership for Library’s digital initiatives and
         Andrew Wu                                           supervision of the Digitization Unit with 15 FT employees
         Software Development Engineer at                 o   Prepared, monitored, approved a $700K unit budget
         Amazon                                           o   Evaluated and supported online information literacy and
                                                             library instruction program, including development of
                                                             instructional materials in various formats (print, web,
                                                          o   Led implementation, management and evaluation of
                                                             Library’s digital initiatives including development of a
                                                             digitization portal website, coordination of digitization
                                                             projects (art images, special collections, audio and video
                                                             formats), digital object management and services, and
                                                             liaison with community and regional groups
                                                          o   Represented Library on provincial, national and consortium
                                                             committees (LHCADL, Synergies, COPPUL) and provided
                                                             technical leadership for digital initiatives
                                                          o   Provided oversight of the library web presence, including
                                                             coordination of a large complex database-driven library
                                                             website which serves as a “Gateway” to all library resources
                                                             and services, oversaw e-course reserve and AUSpace
                                                             repository in support of teaching, learning, research, and
                                                             scholarly communication

                                                        Notable achievements:
                                                                  •   Won national and international awards for mobile
                                                                      ESL and OERKnowledge Cloud project
                                                                  •   Developed an e-course reserve system to increase
                                                                      the use of e-resources by 90% and save $1M by
                                                                      replacing the printed-based model
                                                                  •   Won University Award for Service Excellence for
                                                                      provision of quality library services
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