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•   Received Health and Safety Excellence Award for
                AWARDS                                                developing a mobile wellness app to improve
                                                                      staff’s mental and physical wellness and reduced
                                                                      absenteeism by 15%
                                                                  •   Established an Institutional Repository with 1,960+
                                                                      items to support open access and scholarly
                                                                  •   Led projects to support faculty’s research grant
                                                                      ($3M) in 4 years

                                                     Electronic Resources Librarian
                                                     Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta
                                                          o   Managed day-to-day operations and workflow supporting
                                                             the selection, purchasing, licensing, access and
                                                             maintenance of electronic resources and serials in all formats
                                                          o   Provided reference assistance to students, faculty, staff and
                                                             community patrons
                                                          o   Developed metadata schema and workflows with staff
                                                             engaged in repository and digital collections projects across
                                                             the Libraries

                                                     Multimedia Consultant
                                                     Saskatchewan Education, Regina, Saskatchewan
                                                     1998 - 2001
                                                          o   Developed and maintained the Evergreen Curriculum Online
                                                          o   Provided leadership related to instruction utilizing multimedia
                                                             and electronic learning resources
                                                          o   Represented Saskatchewan Education in local, regional,
                                                             provincial (Multitype Library) database licensing consortia
                                                          o   Planned and implemented an in-service program in support
                                                             of the Evergreen Curriculum and integration of technology in

                                                        Notable achievements:
                                                                  •   Pioneered the first online curriculum with links to
                                                                      learning activities and electronic resources in
                                                                  •   Co-ordinated and supported 129 SchoolNet’s
                                                                      GrassRoots Projects with $2.5M operating budget
                                                                  •   Developed online educational modules for the
                                                                      World Bank on Information Technology in Education

                                                     Resource-based Learning Consultant
                                                     North-East Region V Shared Services, Tisdale, Saskatchewan
                                                     1997 – 1998
                                                          o   Provided consultative services to four school divisions
                                                             regarding school librarianship, technology integration and
                                                          o   Networked resources among teachers, schools, and systems
                                                          o   Planned and implemented an Internet training program for
                                                             school staff
                                                          o   Developed a technology plan for the systems

                                                     Teacher-Librarian/Social Studies Teacher
                                                     Hillside High School, Valleyview, Alberta
                                                     1996 – 1997
                                                          o   Taught Grade 7, IOP, and Grade 10 Social Studies courses
                                                          o   Developed and coordinated school library services
                                                          o   Planned and implemented a distance learning and
                                                             computer managed instructional program for the school
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