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Teacher-Librarian/Head Librarian
                LINKEDIN TESTIMONIALS                Fox Creek School/Municipal Library, Fox Creek, Alberta
                                                     1995 – 1996
         “Tony is a proven excellent                      o   Planned, developed and oversaw library services in the
         collaborator and project manager. He                     school and municipal library
         is a conscientious worker, collegial,            o   Planned and implemented the library automation project for
         and has an excellent work ethic.”                   the joint school-municipal library

         Dr. Rory McGreal,                           AWARDS
         UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning
         Chair in Open Educational Resources              o   The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE)
                                                             Winner, Excellence and Innovation in the Integration of
                                                             Technology in a Partnership or Collaboration Award. Integrity
         “I had a pleasure of working with Tony              Matters: Foundation for Academic Success. 2019
         on a few collaborative projects and              o   International E-learning Association (IELA)
         always found him very                               Winner, Mobile Learning. The International E-Learning
         knowledgeable and easy to work                      Association Award. Integrity Matters: Foundation for
         with. Tony has excellent technical and              Academic Success. 2018
         innovative skills and he can think out           o   E-Campus Ontario Innovation and Research Grant Award:
         of box and always puts users at the                 Integrity Matters: Academic Integrity Research Study. 2017.
         heart of his work.”                              o   Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo
                                                             Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement Grant
         Hassan Sheikh                                       Award:  Information Literacy on the Go: Mobile Learning
         Technical Lead/Project Manager at                   Innovation. 2017
         Qatar Foundation                                 o   Network for Aging Research, University of Waterloo
                                                             Emerging Scholar Mentorship Award: Mobile Qigong Wellness
                                                             App. 2016.
                                                          o   The Open Education Consortium
                                                             Winner, ACE Open Research Award
                                                             OER KnowledgeCloud Project. 2014
                                                          o   International E-learning Association (IELA)
                                                             Winner, Mobile Learning: The International E-Learning
                                                             Association Award. The Athabasca University mobile learning
                                                             Project. 2012.
                                                          o   Athabasca University
                                                             Winner, Health and Safety Excellence Award: Mobile Wellness
                                                             App Project. 2010.
                                                          o   The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE)
                                                             Honorable Mention: Excellence and Innovation in Use of
                                                             Learning Technology Award. Innovations in Second
                                                             Language Delivery. 2008.
                                                          o   Athabasca University
                                                             Winner, Sue and Derrick Rowlandson Memorial Award for
                                                             Service Excellence: Digital Reading Room Project 2006.
                                                          o   The Canadian Library Association (CLA)
                                                             Winner, Research and Development Award: Building an
                                                             Effective M-Library to Support Mobile Learning. 2006.


                                                          o   Member, Canadian Library Association
                                                          o   Member, The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education
                                                          o   Member, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
                                                          o   Member, Alberta Teachers Association

                                                     PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE

                                                        Project manager who played a pivotal role in initiating, executing,
                                                        monitoring and evaluating several award-winning, innovative
                                                        projects including:
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