Page 6 - Tony Tin FULL CV 2021
P. 6

o   VinUniversity Library website to provide smart access to library
              RESEARCH & CREATIVE                            resources and services
                                                          o   University integrated library system and discovery service
         •   Refereed Conference Papers,                     84VINU_INST:84VINU&lang=en (Primo)
             Posters and Presentations: 40                o   VinUniversity LibGuides to curate knowledge and share
                                                             information, organize class and subject specific resources
         •   Book and Book Chapters: 8                    o
                                                             Mobile Academic Integrity App project to support academic
                                                             integrity training at University of Waterloo
         •   Referred Journal Articles and         
             Conference Proceedings:12                       mobile-application
                                                          o   Mobile information Literacy project to facilitate anytime,
         •   Research Grants: 24                             anywhere information literacy training at University of
                                                          o   Digital Archive project to digitize and preserve College’s
                                                             photos, records and files using AtoM archival Description
                                                          o   RSpace Repository project to support open access and
                                                             scholarly communication using open source DSpace
                                                          o   Mobile QiGong wellness app project to support M-health
                                                             research and teach QiGong exercises using mobile devices
                                                          o   Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation Project to create and
                                                             assess virtual reality oral histories to address the historical
                                                             harms of racism
                                                          o   R.G. Miller project to promote Canadian indigenous artist
                                                          o   Mobile language training projects to facilitate anytime,
                                                             anywhere second language training
                                                             UNESCO Mobile English Learning for Information and
                                                             Computer Technology project to assist workers with learning
                                                             English in an ICT environment
                                                          o   Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digitization Portal Project to digitize
                                                             and preserve the legacy of the past for future learners
                                                             Online Repository of the Athabasca River Basin project to
                                                             provide open access to research initiatives regarding
                                                             Athabasca River Basin
                                                          o   Synergies Open Access E-Journal projects to create open
                                                             access e-journals using PKP-OJS e-publishing platform
                                                          o   Digital Thesis Repository project to enable graduate students
                                                             to submit their thesis or dissertation electronically
                                                          o   Digital Reading Room project to provide electronic access to
                                                             course reserve
                                                          o   Connecting Canadians project to digitize and provide
                                                             electronic access to Canada’s multicultural newspapers
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