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o   AUSpace Repository project to facilitate open access to AU
                 REFERENCE                                   research and scholarly resources

         Dr. Rory McGreal                            RESARCH AND CREATIVE ACTIVITIES
         UNESCO/COL Chair in OER
         Professor                                   REFEREED CONFERENCE PAPERS, POSTERS AND INVITED PRESENTATIONS
         Centre for Distance Education
         Athabasca University                             o   Hanbidge, A., Tin, T., & Scholz, k. (2019). Do What’s
         1 University Drive                                  Right! Integrity Matters for Academic Success. Digital
         Athabasca, AB, T9S 3A3, Canada                      Pedagogies Institute Conference. University of
         Tel. 1-855-807-0756                                 Waterloo, Waterloo, ON. [Invited Presenter]
                                                          o   Hanbidge, A., & Tin, T. (2019). Digital Open Badging in
         Dr. Mohamed Ally                                    Education. eCampus Ontario Open Badge Forum.
         Commonwealth of Learning (COL)                      Toronto, ON. [Invited Presenter]
         Chair. Professor
         Centre for Distance Education                    o   Hanbidge, A., Tsang, H., & Tin, T. (2018). Experiential
         Athabasca University                                Learning through Inter-University Collaboration Research
         1 University Drive                                  Project in Academic Integrity. Western Canadian
         Athabasca, AB, T9S 3A3, Canada                      Conference on Computing Education (WCCCE 2018).
         Tel. 1-866-916-8650; (780) 675-6406                 Victoria, British Columbia. [Paper]
                                                          o   McKenzie, A., Hanbidge, A., Scholz, K.,  Tin, T.  (2018).
         Dr. Terry Anderson                                  Integrity Matters: Foundations for Academic Success.
         Professor Emeritus                                  Opportunities  and  New  Directions  Conference,
         Centre for Distance Education                       University of Waterloo, ON. [Invited Presenter]
         Athabasca University
         10005 93 St                                      o   Hanbidge, A.,  Tin, T.,  & Tsang, H. (2018). Academic
         Edmonton, AB T5H 1W6, Canada                        Integrity Matters: Successful Learning  with Mobile
         Tel. 780 425 5950                                   Technology. 21st International Conference on
         Email:                    Interactive Collaborative  Learning (ICL2018). Kos,
                                                             Greece [Paper]

         Dr. Alice Hanbidge Schmidt                       o   Hanbidge, A., Tin, T., Scholz, K., & McKenzie, A. (2018).
         Associate Professor                                 Integrating academic integrity education in the
         School of Social Work                               curriculum: Motivating students to learn with mobile
         Renison University College                          technology. 8th Annual Summit on Educational
         University of Waterloo                              Technology. Toronto, ON. [Invited Presenter]
         240 Westmount Road North,
         Waterloo, ON N2L 3G4, Canada                     o   Hanbidge, A., & Tin, T. (2018). Academic integrity
         Tel. 519-884-4400 ext. 28682                        matters in education: Motivating students to learn
         Email:                      with mobile technology. eCampusOntario TESS2018.
                                                             Toronto, ON. [Invited Presenter]

                                                          o   McKenzie, A., Tin, T., & Hanbidge, A. (2018).
                                                             Academic Integrity Matters: Successful Learning with
                                                             Mobile Technology. Academic Integrity Colloquium,
                                                             Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia.
                                                             [Invited Presenter]

                                                          o   Hanbidge, A., Scholz, K., McKenzie, A., & Tin, T.
                                                             (2018). Student Skills for Success: Academic Integrity.
                                                             The Teaching Professor Conference, St. Louis, Missouri

                                                          o   Hanbidge, A., Tin, T., Scholz, K. & McKenzie A. (2018).
                                                             Integrating academic integrity education in the
                                                             Curriculum. 8th Annual Summit on Education
                                                             Technology for K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities,
                                                             Toronto, Ontario [Workshop]
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