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Each piece in the the collection is designed to showcase the the beauty rarity and uniqueness of natural fancy color diamonds In these pages you’ll find rings that that captivate necklaces and and pendants that that that mesmerize and and bracelets that that dazzle With a a a a a a a a a a a a few exceptions the majority feature natural fancy yellow yellow diamonds and and are crafted in 18k yellow yellow and and white gold 2 I GEMELODY
Bold and Beautiful
With over three decades of experience specializing in in in in natural fancy color diamonds Gemelody has achieved worldwide recognition as as as innovators in in in in the the diamond industry Established as as one of of of the the top suppliers of of of an an an extensive range of of of natural fancy color diamonds to the the the market they’ve utilized their expertise and and expanded creating a a a a a a premium fine jewelry collection 

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