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22 Begins: April 30 586.286.9336 Program Spotlight! Backyard Game Rentals
Backyard Game Rentals
Backyard Games can be played on grass, sand, or concrete and are portable* enough to bring to any yard, tailgate party, beach, barbecue, picnic or campground!
Call 286-9336
Monday – Friday between
8:30am - 4:30pm to reserve your kit today!
*Wreck-Ball: a hybrid of football and bowling: Two teams set up bowling pins across from one another and take turns trying to WRECK each other's pins down by throwing a football. The first team to knock downalloftheopposingteam'spinswins. VERY POPULAR!
$30/weekend $25/week day
*WRECK-BALL requires a pick-up to transport. (There are 4 - 42˝ x 48˝ boards, and a duffle bag)
Cornhole: The ultimate tailgating game that’s also great at any party! Cornhole consists of two boards with a hole cut in the top and two sets of bags of beans.
$20/weekend $15/week day
Ladder Golf: This is a great game for people who like to play Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, Cornhole or Darts. Toss the bolas (rope with balls attached) and try to have it land on the rung of the ladder. Each rung is worth different points. This can be played with two players or four players.
$20/weekend $15/week day
Bocce Ball: Great for any family gathering! Whether you make your own court or just throw the pallino and try to see who can get closest, this will be a fun time forall. Includes8balls,andpallino(targetball). $20/weekend $15/week day
Horseshoes: Horseshoes is a true classic. Whether you choose to play at the beach in the sand or just in your yard, pitching some shoes is guaranteed fun. $20/weekend $15/week day
Package NoneedforBaseballgloves! This package comes with a Whiffle bat, base set, whiffle ball and a Kickball. Find any large area and break out a
quick game of Whiffle Ball or Kickball.
$15/weekend $10/week day
Tug-O-War Rope: This is a 60′ rope with a bandana marker in the center. Great for team-building events, company picnics, or any party! $15/weekend $10/week day
Wreck-Ball Package:
*Wreck-Ball plus Cornhole $40/Weekend
Wreck-Ball Plus Package:
*Wreck-Ball plus Cornhole & Ladder Golf $55/Weekend
Rental and Pick Up Information
Rentals require a $100 credit card security deposit, which you will be refunded when equipment is returned.
Pick up and drop off at our Steiner Community Building which is located at
24001 Joy Boulevard, east of Gratiot
and south of Hall Road.
Call 286-9336 Monday – Friday between 8:30am - 4:30pm
to reserve your kit today!
Weekend rentals are picked up Friday
by 4:00 pm & returned Monday by 4:00 pm Weekday rentals are due back the following day by 4:00 pm. • There is a $10/Day Late Fee.
*WRECK-BALL requires a pick-up to transport.

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