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Ocqueoc Falls State Forest Campground
Situated on the banks of the Ocqueoc River, this rustic campground offers great opportunities for hiking and fishing. The park is located in Presque Isle County, 12 miles west of Rogers City.
This quaint campground nestled in a beautiful hardwood forest, offers
spectacular views. It is located near Ocqueoc Falls. You can hike to the
campground's crowning jewel Ocqueoc Falls along the Ocqueoc Falls
Bicentennial Pathway. Ocqueoc Falls are the Lower Peninsula’s only waterfall. The pathway includes four loops from 3 to 6 miles in length suitable for hiking, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. You will take in the beauty of the falls and view towering pines and hardwoods as you make your journey. The first pathway is the shortest and most scenic route, perfect for families with children, while the 6- mile loop offers a longer adventure. The pathway is located 12 miles west of Rogers City via M-68. Backpacking (dispersed camping) is allowed along the pathway, as long as you are one mile away from Ocqueoc Falls state forest campground.
Visitors can enjoy accessible picnic tables and grills at the falls overlook. Visitors can access the water using either a recycled plastic deck ramp or a set of tiered rocks. Be sure to also take advantage of steelhead and trout fishing from the campground.
There are 13 sites suitable for tent and small trailer use. Camping is limited to a 15-day maximum stay. Amenities include vault toilets and potable water from a hand-pump well. Sites available on a first- come, first-serve basis.

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