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 Little Cub and Explorers Club!
Why not share all the fun together? We’ve decided to try out a new format for our former Cub Club and Young Explorers programs, inviting all participants ages 3-10 for a combined experience, with separate focus activities for the different age groups. We’ll explore a different topic each month, beginning with an introductory activity for everyone, followed by two choices for age-appropriate activities – one for Little Cubs (ages 3-6) and one for Explorers (ages 7-10). Little Cubs will enjoy crafts and a story time, and Explorers will dive a little deeper into science and exploration. Note that activities for the Explorers will last approximately 30 minutes longer than those for Little Cubs. Activities may or may not include outdoor exploration, so please come prepared for the weather!
                                                            Little Cub and Explorers Club: Animal Tracks and Scat
SATURDAY, JANUARY 21 10:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
Winter is a great time to look for signs that animals leave behind, like tracks and scat! We'll learn how to identify some common mammal tracks, practice our skills with some indoor activities, then check outside for local winter animal activity.
FEE: Included with the price of admission. PREREGISTRATION REquIRED. REGISTER FOR Little Cub and Explorers Club: Animal Tracks and Scat

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