Page 10 - Engineering Penn State Magazine: Fall/Winter 2020
P. 10

Students – 12,000
Undergraduate growth of more than 40% in past decade
Faculty – 310
Tenure-track growth of 20% since 2008
Research – $150 million/year Year-over-year expenditures up 13%
 The initial five-year phase of the plan includes two new buildings that will serve as anchors to a new central engineering hub to the west of North Atherton Street, adding 377,000 gross square feet to
the college’s infrastructure. Phase one, which is projected to conclude in 2023, also includes proposed renovations to Sackett Building and demolition of Hammond Building along College Avenue and the Engineering Units behind Hammond.
In Feb. 2019, the Penn State Board of Trustees’ Committee on Finance, Business and Capital Planning approved Payette,
of Boston, Massachusetts, to
design the two new buildings on West Campus. The final design plan for the first building is expected to go to the Board of Trustees for review in fall 2020, with Board review of the design for the second building expected in spring 2021.
“This undertaking represents
a critical investment that will help to keep Penn State on the leading edge of innovation, with a focus on finding solutions to challenges that affect people
in Pennsylvania and around
the globe,” said Executive
Vice President and Provost Nicholas P. Jones. “The planned facilities will enable current and future students, faculty, and staff to engage in experiential
 Design work is progressing for the first stage of a proposed decade-long, multi- phase plan that will transform the Penn State College of Engineering and its footprint on the University Park campus.

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