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Haze Model
               A team of graduate students,
led by Vishal Monga, associate professor of electrical engineering, won first place in a worldwide image dehazing challenge, with another Penn State team placing second in the competition.
The challenge was hosted by the New Trends in Image Restoration (NTIRE) Conference in conjunction with the 2019 IEEE Conference
on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), the world’s premier vision conference, according to CVPR’s website. In addition to the image dehazing challenge, in which the Penn State teams placed first and second, the NTIRE image restoration and enhancement challenges have several other tracks, including image denoising, image super- resolution, image enhancement, and image colorization.
Image dehazing involves taking an image that is hazy or foggy and making it much clearer in a matter of seconds using a mathematical algorithm. The participating teams submitted their algorithms to the judges, who then applied the algorithms to a set of hazy images to test for quality and speed of the dehazing. Of the 275 teams from universities, research institutions, and corporations who competed, only 22 were selected as the top teams to be invited to compete further in the challenge.
A few members of the team will attend the 2019 CVPR Conference from June 16-18 in Long Beach, California, to present their work and receive their awards.
This research was funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. n
Penn State takes first and second place in international image-dehazing challenge
by Sarah Small
Neural Network
   Penn State Society of Women Engineers wins top prize for sixth consecutive year by Tessa M. Woodring
The Penn State Society of Women Engineers received the 2019 Outstanding Collegiate Section (OCS) Gold Mission Award for the sixth consecutive year at the WE19 National Conference on Nov. 8. This award is the highest possible collegiate recognition within the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).
Penn State SWE was also recognized at WE19 for excellence in “Best Practices” for two categories: professional development and global. These awards were given for specific events that Penn State SWE held
in the past year: Study Abroad 101 and its “STAR!” interview technique event. n
 Penn State Society of Women Engineers members pose outside of the WE19 National Conference
at the Anaheim Convention Center, where they received the 2019 Outstanding Collegiate Section (OCS) Gold Mission Award.

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