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Civil and Environmental Engineering Lectures
CEE Department Seminar Series
Chungsik Yoo, professor of civil and construction systems engineering at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
in Korea, was a
guest speaker at the CEE Department Seminar Series held
in November 2019. Yoo presented, “Geosynthetic Solutions for Sustainable Infrastructure Development— Fundamentals and Challenges,” introducing a variety of geosynthetic products available to geo-engineers
to solve a wide range of geotechnical engineering problems, along with their functions and applications. Sustainability aspects of geosynthetics were then discussed with relevant case studies showing how using geosynthetics in routine geotechnical works has potential to yield significant reductions in carbon emissions compared to conventional solutions.
Chandra R.
Bhat, university distinguished teaching professor and Joe J. King Endowed Chair Professor in
Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, was a guest speaker the CEE Department Seminar Series
held in November 2019. Bhat presented, “Predictive Analytics for Transportation in an Emerging World of Ubiquitous Sensing,” focusing on a new data science landscape in which a whole host of smart equipment
can act as sensors, inducing legacy roadway systems, smart phones
and GPS systems, and smart cars.
The presentation discussed the exciting possibilities and research challenges in the emerging landscape of data science applications for the transportation field.
Bhat is a world-renowned expert in the area of transportation and urban policy design, with far reaching implications for public health, energy dependence, greenhouse gas emissions, and societal quality of life.
Seventh Annual Distinguished Alumni Lecture
Bob Felsburg, retired president and chair of FELLSBURG HOLT & ULLEVIG (FHU) delivered
the seventh annual Distinguished Civil
and Environmental Alumni lecture in November 2019. Felsburg, recognized in 2014 as an Outstanding Engineering Alumnus, received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1970 and his master’s degree in civil engineering in 1972, both from Penn State. He later co-founded FHU to provide transportation services to both public and private clients and spent the next 30 years leading the firm to its stellar reputation in multi-modal planning, traffic engineering, environmental services and civil and structural engineering design.
His lecture walked the audience through his journey from student to co- founder and how it reflects the diversity of paths facing young professionals.
2019 Hankin Lecture
Timothy McDonald, president of Onion Flats LLC, an award- winning development/ design/build collective centered
in Philadelphia, was the guest speaker at the 2019 Hankin Lecture held in November.
McDonald presented, “Leverage Points: Climate Change and the Imperative of Affordable Housing,”
reminding the audience of Donatella Meadow’s seminal 1999 essay, Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System, where she said there are “...places within a complex system
(a corporation, an economy, a living body, a city, an ecosystem) where a small shift in one thing can produce
big changes in everything.” McDonald highlighted highlight the political, technical and financial ‘leverage points’ for producing ‘big changes’ in the development/building industry that can help meet the planet’s global carbon reduction goals in the next decade.
Penn State Law, Policy and Engineering (LPE) initiative virtual speaker series
Penn State LPE hosted a virtual speaker series titled, “Technology, Policy, and Law during COVID-19.” Martin Pietrucha, professor of civil engineering, and Wei Peng, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering and law, policy, and engineering, were two of the six Penn State faculty to speak.
The session recordings can be found at
Wei Peng
Reflections on Sustainable Energy Transition in the Age of COVID-19
Martin Pietrucha
SARS-CoV-2 and the Teletravel Imperative
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