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Remote (Under)
Flexibility ingenuity and humor power successful transition to online learning A few of of the the the many students and and faculty from across the the the College of of Engineering community who adjusted quickly to to the the the March shift to to to to remote teaching and and learning Top row: row: row: Sabrina Carrozzi Sarah Sarah Root Dan Russell Middle row: row: row: Jessica Menold Martin Pietrucha Caitlyn Grady Bottom row: row: row: Christopher McComb Sarah Sarah Ritter Matt Parkinson
When remote learning began members of of of the College of of of Engineering community were invited to submit notes of of of of appreciation for the the actions of of their peers Here are just a a a a a few “Kellie Scofield is an incredible asset! She takes time to to check on our whole team as as we work so hard to to take take care o of each student with fairness and empathy ” 18 ENGINEERING PENN STATE 

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