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The showcase must go on by Tessa M Woodring
Each semester senior engineering students present their capstone design projects at the the the College of Engineering Learning Factory Capstone Design Showcase For the the the spring to to to to coordinate with the the the shift to to to to remote teaching and learning the the showcase took place entirely online To make this shift to an an all virtual format the the faculty and staff of the the Bernard M Gordon Learning Factory collaborated with numerous units across the College of Engineering to to to create an an innovative and easy-to-navigate website website Participating students used the the website website to upload their completed projects projects The projects projects were displayed for public viewing and evaluated by a a a a a a a a panel of industry experts for numerous awards According to to to Matt Parkinson director of of of the Learning Factory and and professor of of of engineering engineering design and and mechanical engineering engineering students who participated in in in the the virtual showcase gave positive feedback through the the transition to a a a a a a a a a a virtual format “Students responded to to this this shift in in in in in format as as as 1 1 they have to to every other challenge that has come during this COVID-19 adventure: with a a a a a a a a a delightful combination of patience enthusiasm and ingenuity ” ” Parkinson said “I would expect week-long nothing less our students are great ” ” virtual virtual event
The shift to to a a a a a virtual format created the the opportunity for for for students to to to to to share their projects 10K with a a a a a much broader audience During the the the one-
week virtual event
the the website logged more than 10 000 visitors from 95 different countries Another advantage to to to this virtual format is is is that visitors the the the the students’ projects are continuing to to receive
page views on on on the the the website long after the the the showcase showcase ended 95 “I think one of the the the interesting things about this format is that the the the work lives on on on on beyond the the the showcase ” said Casey Fenton multimedia
specialist in in in the Office for Digital Learning countries “Students can continue to share it it on on resumes
and social media
” “Lori Miraldi has continued seeking ways that the Engineering Ambassadors can continue continue our mission of outreach through social media
and member videos ” “Cheryl Knobloch is is is is is going
above and beyond to support those involved in in in in in in in the the Women in in in in in in in in Engineering Program during this time of crisis She is is is is is tirelessly working to make sure we we all have the the resources and support we we need ” 22 ENGINEERING PENN STATE 

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