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Dr Neerav Goyal a a a a a a physician at the Milton S Hershey Medical Center tests out a a a a 3D-printed filtration mask prototype Photo credit: Jason Plotkin
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COVID-19 26 Exploring quantum computing for drug discovery
26 Battling disease with ultraviolet light
27 Modeling coronavirus for spread
27 Rethinking traditional vaccine delivery HEALTH
28 Plasma medicine research highlights antibacterial effects potential uses
29 Bioprinting for reconstruction of face mouth skull tissues
30 New method analyzes images to improve health care and manufacturing
30 Engineers model mutations causing drug resistance
31 Graphene-reinforced carbon fiber may lead to affordable stronger car car materials
31 Researchers identify breaking point of conducting material Making an Impact Alumni
32 Find out more ways Penn State
engineers are making a a a a a positive difference in in in society
34 College of Engineering student marshals recognized for excellence
NASA selects Penn State
student team to build technology for lunar missions
37 Aspiring neurosurgeon mapping cancer-suppressing protein
38 Success through service
39 Architectural engineering fellow looks back on vibrant academic career
40 Walter L Robb Penn State
alumnus and philanthropist remembered
41 Mechanical engineering alumna named to Forbes’ 30 30 Under 30 30 in Science
41 Committee recommends building to be named after astronaut engineering alumnus 42 Mechanical and biomedical engineering alumnus chosen as TED fellow 42 Disrupting the sleep market was all in in in a a a a a a day’s work for alumnus JT Marino
43 From your president

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