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MATTHEW BROWNELL Aerospace Engineering Bachelor of Science in in in Aerospace Engineering Summa Cum Laude
“Matthew is a a top
graduating aerospace senior with a a a near-perfect GPA He has done exceptionally well during his undergraduate
studies Matthew has also participated in the teaching intern program and facilitated homework help sessions for a a large junior class I have have no doubt Matthew will have have a a a a a sterling career in in in the future given his intellect tireless devotion to scholarship and passion for what he does ”
—Puneet Singla Associate Professor Aerospace Engineering Read more about Brownell
Architectural Engineering Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Summa Cum Laude
“David’s selection as the student marshal showcases more than just his academic
success as it also captures the respect he he has for for his classmates and their respect for for him David exemplifies what a a a a future leader in in our industry will be through a mixture
of his his leadership skills from the military his his involvement with multidisciplinary team- based courses and his excellent depth of knowledge in in in architectural engineering ”
—Ryan L Solnosky Associate Teaching Professor Architectural Engineering Read more about Gawryla
Biological Engineering Bachelor of Science in in in Biological Engineering Magna Cum Laude
Minor in in Biomedical Engineering Schreyer Scholar President’s
Freshman Award Award Evan Pugh Scholar Award Award (junior) Alpha Epsilon Honor Society
for Agricultural Food and Biological Engineering “An exceptional student-scholar with growing leadership skills Yang Li’s holistic contributions to the biological engineering program will have a a a a a lasting impact ”
—Virendra Puri Distinguished Professor Agricultural and Biological Engineering Read more about Li MELISSA LING
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor of Science in in in Biomedical Engineering Summa Cum Laude
Schreyer Scholar President’s
Freshman Award President Sparks
Award Award Evan Pugh Scholar Award Award (senior)
“Melissa has excelled at at Penn State in classwork research and extracurricular activities I am confident that she will have a a a a positive impact in in in in engineering and in in in in all of her future endeavors ”
—Esther Gomez Associate Professor Chemical Engineering Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Engineering Read more about Ling
LAUREN MATUSZKIEWICZ Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science in in in Chemical Engineering Summa Cum Laude
Freshman Award President Sparks
Award Omega Chi Epsilon Honor Society
for Chemical Engineering “Lauren is a a a a very studious and hardworking student as as well as as being humble and helpful We are so happy she is representing our department ”
—Stephanie Velegol Associate Teaching Professor Chemical Engineering Read more about Matuszkiewicz
Civil Engineering Bachelor of Science in in in Civil Engineering Summa Cum Laude
Minor in in Engineering Mechanics Evan Pugh Scholar Award (senior)
“Yanran Wang is among the strongest most dedicated and driven students I have worked with in my 25 years at at Penn State Ms Wang is a model student who brings out the best in in her peers challenging them to reach their full potential ”
—Jeffrey Laman Professor Civil Engineering Read more about Wang 34
College of Engineering student marshals
recognized for excellence Fifteen graduating seniors from the College of Engineering were selected to serve as student marshals
for for Penn State’s spring commencement ceremony held virtually on on on on May 9 The students were chosen for for their outstanding academic
achievements and and contributions to engineering student life Photo credit: Ann Taylor-Schmidt

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