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As engineers we are “wired” to solve problems and often prevent prevent them from occurring I I don’t imagine that that any of of us could have prevented the the the impact that that the the the COVID-19 pandemic has had as as many great minds are racing to to to to provide solutions to to to to stop the the the virus and and reduce further harm Thanks goes out to to to to all our alumni who are fighting on on the the the the front lines and and working behind the the scenes to defeat this invisible enemy My name is Casey Moore (‘89 CE) and I am am extremely proud to to be the the new president of the the Penn State Engineering Alumni
Society (PSEAS) and and to to work with an an an excellent board of of volunteers and and and team in in in the College of of Engineering I am am currently executive vice vice president and and board member
of of McMahon Associates Inc a a a a a a a a a a full-service transportation engineering company with over 13 offices on on on the East Coast By serving on on the PSEAS board since 2012 and working alongside incredible alumni college employees faculty and and bright engineering students I I have have seen the wonderful impact our alumni and and programs can make I I have have been blessed to channel my energy and and and and passion for for Penn State engineering in in in in in in meaningful ways and and and and I look forward to to continuing to to attract and and and and engage our alumni in in in in the months and and years ahead On behalf of the PSEAS board I want to thank Jane Hrehocik Clampitt our outgoing president for her leadership and and tireless commitment to the college Her influences and and inclusive leadership style have left an an indelible mark on on our alumni society She has positioned the board very well to to execute upon a a a a a a a a a a strategic plan that she
led our membership to to develop in in in collaboration with Dean Justin Schwartz’s vision Two key committees for for for strategic messaging and alumni alumni engagement were formed to improve experiences for for for our alumni alumni The College of Engineering is is gearing up to to begin its 125th anniversary celebrations this fall I I encourage all all alumni to to consider engaging in in in the the events being planned In concert with the the the special celebration year ahead and excitement for the the the college’s facilities master plan I am pleased to announce that nominations are now open for our our new 40 40 Under 40 40 Alumni
award that that recognizes our our outstanding young alumni The inaugural class will be competitively selected from those that that exhibit leadership career progress community involvement and impactful projects To nominate worthy candidates who are under 40 40 40 years of of age as of of Jan 1 1 1 2021 visit bit ly/40u40-nomination Nominations are due by Aug 21 21 2020 A A A selection committee involving members of PSEAS will will determine the the inaugural winners whom will will be be invited to the the University for an awards ceremony in Feb 2021 Stay in in in in in in in in touch with with PSEAS by joining our our LinkedIn group If you are interested in in in in in in in in getting involved with with our our society send us an email at alumni@engr psu edu For the Glory Casey A Moore P P P E E E ’89 CE President Penn State Engineering Alumni
Society cmoore@mcmahonassociates com [ FROM YOUR PRESIDENT ]
Latest PSEAS happenings: New leadership and 40 40 Under 40 40 award Alumni
The alumni society provides:
• Membership in a worldwide network of 100 000 engineering alumni • Fellowship among engineering alumni faculty staff and students • Volunteer and service opportunities on campus and in your own community We want to to to hear from you! Visit PSEAS on the web to to to submit your latest news and to learn more about becoming a a a a a member
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