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Mechanical engineering
professor receives Faculty Scholar Medal
Donghai Wang professor of of mechanical engineering
and chemical engineering
has received a a a a a a a a 2020 Faculty Scholar Medal
for for for Outstanding Achievement for for for his efforts in in enhancing lithium battery technology As a a a a a a key researcher in the Battery and Energy Storage Technology (BEST)
Center Wang has helped craft the the highly impactful and world-class research program housed at the the University In the the past decade his research has focused on the the discovery and and development of novel chemistry materials
and and systems for electrochemical energy
storage Approaching his research as as inherently interdisciplinary Wang has worked with a a a a a a a a a a a a a broad range of students and and faculty from colleges and and units across Penn State to successfully pioneer new impacts in the field Engineering names interim senior director of corporate and industry engagement
In an an an ongoing effort to strengthen and and expand connections with industry industry partners Priya Baboo— director of industry industry innovation and development in in in in in the College of Engineering—has been named interim senior director of corporate and industry engagement
in in the college Baboo will lead collaborative efforts across the college to to streamline and enhance industry engagement
in in in areas related to to advisory boards research philanthropy and activities directly connected to students Online graduate engineering
programs rank in in in in top 10 in in in in U S News U S S News and World World Report’s 2020 2020 Best Online Programs released on on Jan 14 2020 2020 ranked Penn State World World Campus online graduate engineering
at at at No No 6 for for for Best Best Online Online Programs Programs and No No 5 for for for Best Best Online Online Programs Programs for for for Veterans Each year U S News develops the rankings based on statistical surveys submitted by colleges and universities as as as well as as data collected in a a a a a a a a a a a separate peer-reputation survey survey Aerospace engineer recognized with lifetime achievement award
Mark Maughmer professor of of aerospace engineering
has been recognized for his lifetime of of contributions to the the the field of of of aerospace for the the the third time time by the the the American Institute of of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) with the 2020 AIAA AIAA Aerodynamics Award The award
recognizes one person
a a a a a a a a year for their contributions to the the development application and and evaluation of aerodynamics concepts and and and methods Maughmer was specifically chosen for his “foundational developments in in airfoil airfoil and and and wing design advancement of novel airfoil airfoil configurations and and contributions to to rotorcraft aeromechanics ” according the AIAA website “I’m grateful that doing what I I I I I love has contributed to the field Often I I I I I I don’t know if I’m I’m playing or or working It’s hard to separate my research and teaching from what I I I I do do on the weekend ” SPRING/SUMMER 2020 9 Maughmer flies a a a a D-KVXX glider outfitted with the vertical wing tips he he designed to improve lift while reducing drag 

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