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  Coalition Builds successfully maneuver Covid environment and draw larger audiences than ever
  TAT Training Specialist Louie Greek presented to a breakout session of casino and gaming participants at the Biloxi, Mississippi Coalition Build.
 TAT’s Coalition Build (CB) program acts as a catalyst to enable strategic engagement in the fight against human trafficking. These half-day trainings bring together influential groups of individuals from industry, government and law enforcement at the local, state and national levels to create essential public-private partnerships and pathways which build trust, leverage networks and shut down loopholes traffickers may be exploiting.
Coalition Builds
This year, adjusting to the digital environment:
 TAT conducted six CBs, training over 540 individuals in
Mississippi, D.C., Pennsylvania, Alabama, New Mexico and one nationwide bus/casino briefing. The New Mexico CB was energy focused, and results can be read on pages 22-23 with the full Empower Freedom report.
 Five CBs are either scheduled or being planned for 2021 as a result of relationships formed at CBs in 2020.
 At least 1,045 members of the trucking industry have been or will become TAT trained as a result of 2020 CBs.
 CBs produced seven new local law enforcement agency partners who are either using TAT’s law enforcement training video or
distributing TAT materials to industry members. One example is the Whitehall Police Department in Pennsylvania. They trained 20 officers with the law enforcement video, are distribut- ing materials at their one checkpoint for tractor trailers and have encouraged training with the TAT law enforcement video to 22 Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) partner law enforcement agencies.
Future opportunities for TAT which were developed through CBs, include:
 The American Public Transportation Association agreed to host
a human trafficking awareness webinar with BOTL in late 2021.
 Union Station committed to hosting a series of in-person train-
ings with BOTL for management and front-line staff.
 Prince George Human Trafficking Task Force asked TAT to
present at their human trafficking conference in January 2021.
 Haliburton is interested in a virtual Freedom Drivers Project
After attending a CB, K. Tony Korol-Evans, Ph.D., a statewide trainer for the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence,

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