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 TAT Deputy Director Kylla Lanier trained members of the Bossier, Louisiana Sheriff’s Department.
  Iowa MVE
Both the critical law enforcement conferences TAT participates in and its crucial partnerships with federal agencies and national associations, such as the United States Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, etc., have increased implementation
of its Iowa MVE Model at remarkable rates.
Currently, 48 states are implementing the model (29 full; 19 partial). Four law enforcement trainings TAT conducted in Arkansas in January resulted in the fulfillment of the remaining elements of the Iowa MVE model, bringing them to full implementation and making them the twenty-ninth state to achieve this status. Both the Mississippi Drivers Services and the Idaho Transportation Department began distributing TAT and BOTL wallet cards with CDL issuance and renewal, moving both of those states forward toward full implementation.

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