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                     problem happening in communities across the continent. As a community member, I’m proud of Enbridge and its stand against this exploitation. Sponsoring the Freedom Drivers Project in Minnesota and Wisconsin demonstrates Enbridge’s commitment to empowering our employees, contractors, and suppliers to report and act on human trafficking through raising awareness and sup- porting local education programming ... The Freedom Drivers Project has been invaluable in educating Enbridge employees, key contractors, and others on the horrific topic of human trafficking.”
By the end of 2018, two companies, Atlas Oil and Enbridge, have trained their employees; five have shared TAT training with their contactors; five companies are using the Safety Moment Powerpoint at safety meetings, and eight organizations have become TAT sponsors: ConocoPhillips, Phillips 66, Equinor, Apache Corporation, Enbridge, Twin Eagle, Felix Energy and Noble Energy.
Throughout the year, Smith was able to present to over 485 industry members at meetings including the Oil and Gas Trafficking Advocacy Group, the Association of Energy Service Companies, the Conoco Suppliers and the Southeast New Mexico SafetyFest.
                          TRUCKERS AGAINST TRAFFICKING 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 13
Make the Call, Save Lives.
If you’re watching a crime in progress, call 911 and then call the hotline.
If you’re at any place of business, please notify the manager-on-duty of the suspicious activity; she/he needs to be aware of what is taking place on their property and assist in ending it.
Please do not approach traffickers. Allow law enforcement to deal with traffickers and recover victims. Approaching traffickers is not only dangerous for you and their victims but could lead to problems in the eventual prosecution of traffickers.
1-888-3737-888 (US) 1-800-222-TIPS (Canada) 01800-5533-000 (Mexico) Text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)
There is now a lifetime ban on a CDL for any individual who uses their CMV to commit a felony involving a severe form of human trafficking. All 50 states and DC have a law criminalizing sex trafficking. Some states punish sex purchasers the same as sex traffickers, generally with felony level crimes, and 31 states have a buyer-applicable trafficking law that prohibits a mistake-of-age defense in prosecutions for buying a commercial sex act with any minor under 18.
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The FDP visited four Apache Corporation locations in Texas.

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