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Since joining forces with TAT in 2015, UPS has trained over 150,000 employees with TAT materials, donated 38 in-kind Freedom Drivers Project (FDP) hauls, adopted a robust anti-trafficking-in- persons policy and provided financial support to TAT through the UPS Foundation. As a true North Star leader in setting the standard for how the trucking industry can integrate anti-trafficking initiatives into its operations, in 2022, UPS continued to raise the bar and inspire others
to act. In 2022, UPS:
• Trained 48,428 drivers with TAT’s Local Drivers Training video and added the training to orientation for all new drivers.
• Added TAT window decals to 23,915 trucks.
• Hauled the FDP to six of its 33 events, an in-kind donation valued at $11,000.
• Hosted the FDP at their annual truck driving rodeo in California, at four of their facilities in
New Jersey and Pennsylvania and, in Canada, at their Toronto Hub and Caledon location.
I am so proud of UPS for the support it has shown to such a worthy cause, and I am honored to be a part of it. I know if every one of our drivers is trained to recognize and respond to human trafficking appropriately, we can really make a difference in the lives of victims and their families.
Vice president of Operations for UPS Canada and a member of the TAT Canada Committee
UPS driver Wayne Ponschke was one of drivers who hauled TAT’s FDP.
     UPS driver attaches TAT decal to his tractor.
Wade UPS hauls the FDP

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