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Leveling up through Rounding up
In 2019, Sapp Bros. developed its “Help Now Campaign,” through which they conducted human trafficking training for all employees, posted signage in their locations, and added red buttons in bathrooms that victims could use to alert store employees to emergency trafficking situations. They also instituted a round-up campaign, which provides customers the opportunity to support TAT. As a result, Sapp Bros. went from giving $5,000 to further TAT’s mission in 2019 to $75,000
in 2022, combining both corporate sponsor dollars and customer donations. TAT spotlighted the lifesaving impact of Sapp Bros.’ campaign when it awarded a Sapp Bros. employee, Jessica Chapman, with the 2021 Harriet Tubman award for her quick thinking that aided a suspected victim of human trafficking and resulted in the arrest of the alleged perpetrator.
Lending their voice: TAT Ambassadors
  TAT Ambassadors are elite truck drivers and representatives of the trucking industry. Most current Ambassadors also double as Road Team Captains on America’s Road Team, a program of the American Trucking Associations, and have received training on public speaking.
In 2022, TAT Ambassadors presented at six
Rich Frazer Doug Frombaugh
events in five states, sharing the TAT message at community and industry events, including a Soroptimist group, a community college, a trucking company, an awareness event hosted by the FBI in Pennsylvania and a community awareness event.
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