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Augmenting TAT’s library of training resources
Movers/In-Home Delivery Training
Adding to its industry-specific training film library, TAT released a new 23-minute training video for the more than 90,000 members of the moving industry and other in-home delivery drivers. The video provides an understanding of human trafficking, possible points of intersection and red flags drivers should be alert to as they move in and out of homes across North America.
  Nikki’s Story
After escaping her trafficker, Nikki found refuge at a TravelCenters of America truck stop where she received life-saving assistance from a TAT- trained manager. In 2022, Nikki shared her story in a new six-minute video that TAT added to its library of training resources. Nikki’s story
reveals the horrors of human trafficking while celebrating kindness and offering tangible training tips that will continue to educate the trucking and truck stop industries on how they can combat human trafficking in the course of their everyday jobs.
TAT’s Freedom Drivers Project stops at a TA Petro truck stop in Indiana.

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