Page 14 - HUB South East Annual Report 2020-21
P. 14

InnovAtIve use oF sHIppIng ContAIneRs FoR eARly yeARs outdooR leARnIng
CoMpleted pRojeCt
Following the success of the leith Meanwhile Project in 2018, the council approached us to develop a similar solution for Forest Kindergartens. this is assisting our client in meeting the Scottish Government’s Early learning and childcare requirement to increase free learning for 3 and
4 and eligible 2 year olds to 1140 hours each year. the project provided  ve new kindergarten facilities, with the potential to quickly increase the number of locations should the need arise. construction Social Enterprise, rebuild, were involved, providing much needed paid work experience for those facing barriers to employment (P32).
tier 1 contractor complete
City of edinburgh Council £0.6m
Morrison Construction March 2021
“After the Leith Meanwhile development, with support and advice from Hub South East, we have used the lessons learned on this project to inform the roll out of our Forest Kindergarten programme across the city. Using shipping containers is a great  exible solution which helps us achieve our objectives. This is an exciting project which offers a range of opportunities for children to positively engage with the natural world and provide holistic engagement in all aspects of their learning while improving health and wellbeing.”
robbie crockatt, learning Estate Planning Manager,
the city of Edinburgh council

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